COVID 19 situation in Senegal

State of emergency was declared in Senegal on 24/03/2020. Hygiene measures and social distancing have been recommended  Curfew from 8 pm to 6 am is still effective.

Crew on board foreign vessels calling Senegalese ports for commercial operations are required to stay on board, to refrain from going  ashore or to port installations without a special authorization.

In addition, the government imposed the compulsory wearing of masks as from 20/04/2020 until further notice. 

These measures apply as well in the ports where the vessels are actually operating without difficulties. 

As from 01/03/2020, the Agents have been requested to provide to the port authorities – at least 72h prior to vessel’s arrival – with the following elements: 

– List of the last 10 ports of call;

– Maritime Health Declaration;

– Crew list (including when and where each crewmember boarded the vessel) ​

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