Presidential elections in Ivory Coast are leading to violence

Following the presidential elections which took place in Ivory Coast on the 31st of October, series of events and violence in the country have led to the death of 13 people to date.

The outgoing president, Mr. Alassane Ouattara has been re-elected with 94.2% of the votes, but the opposition contests the results and the country is now waiting for the Constitutional Court​’s validation or invalidation of the election.

The opposition is calling the army not to support the actual regime and citizens to join the “National Transitional Council », to stand up and continue the civil disobedience.

The situation is now resulting with inter-ethnic clashes.

Ten years after the post-electoral crisis of 2010-2011, which killed 3,000 people after President Laurent Gbagbo refused to recognize Ouattara’s victory, the UN called on « all political actors to respect the constitutional order of the country and to comply with the principles of the rule of law« .

The port of Abidjan is nevertheless still operational but there is a risk that vessels’ operations will be impacted locally depending on the evolution of the situation.

Our local team remains of course mobilized and we are also at your disposal for any further assistance or information you may need.

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