COVID 19 situation in Democratic Republic of Congo

The government has declared Health Emergency State in Democratic Republic of Congo. However people are free to work in compliance with sanitary measures (minimum personnel only is allowed to stand in the office, prohibition of gathering/groups etc…). 

The capital Kinshasa is much affected and people located at Gombe (Kinshasa neighborhood) are lock down in order to avoid the spread of the virus.

A few cases have been recorded in the other parts of the country (North, East and South). Infected persons have been placed in quarantine under hospital care.

The educational system is totally stopped and nobody is allowed to attend schools or universities all over the country. 

In Matadi and Boma cities no fatal case of Covid 19 has been recorded up to date.

Despite this difficult situation, people are rather calm in these ports. Cargo operations are still on going and people entering the ports’ areas are requested to wear masks. 

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