COVID 19 situation in Liberia

State of Emergency has been declared by the Government of Liberia for 21-days as from 10/04/20 i.e. up to 30/04/20 in the county of Montserrado (which includes the city and port of Monrovia).

Most of the public administration and commercial entities are closed except essential public and private bodies. Individuals have been requested to stay at home and are simply allowed to go out to buy food.

Anyone appearing in public streets and buildings must wear a protective device that covers at least the nose and mouth.

Mr Naji EID from AFRICA P&I LIBERIA is however still available to provide necessary survey and P&I services to shipowners’ vessel’s calling at Monrovia and their insurers.

The anti COVID measures imposed should have a limited impact on vessel’s commercial operations in the port of Monrovia: 

The APM terminal is closely monitoring and reacting to the situation in Liberia in order to minimize any possible impact on cargo operations.

Vessel’s agents are requested to book pilot online 24hrs prior to vessel’s arrival at anchorage and 2 calendar days before sailing/shifting.

Stevedores staff are slightly reduced for an increase of the safety measures but with limited impact on the operations.

The terminal entrance is closely monitored: 

  • ​Gate hours from Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 19:00 (The last truck will gate in at 18:00) 
  • ​Gate hours from Saturday: 09:00 to 17:00 (the last truck will gate in at 16:00) 

Storage remain the same with increased safety measures in place but have no effect on the operations. 

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