CUSTOMS FINES – Senegal – Dakar

Customs fines for alleged deficit

It now appears that customs fines for alleged deficits as compared to the cargo manifest are becoming systematic for bulk and bagged cargo. 

Customs fines on bagged and bulk cargoes

It is strongly advised for Owners discharging bulk/bagged cargo in Dakar to appoint a surveyor to perform a draft survey and monitor discharging operations when bulk is discharged or a full tally survey for bagged cargo. Although Customs are relying only on stevedores’ figures, it is always recommended to show that someone locally is involved for the carrier and make sure Owners’ interests are protected in the best possible way. This also assists local contacts and discussions.

Possibility to discuss the customs fines

For your information, the fines are huge and the rates applied are rather unclear. The Customs Authorities impose a different rate, depending on the type of cargo and charge customs duties in addition.

We are currently pressing the Customs Maritime Brigade for a formal meeting to take place with all the correspondents so that we can provide our principals with clearer explanations in this respect.

For the time being, Customs use the cargo value as declared by the receivers, based on pro-forma invoices.

We have raised complaints concerning the lack of probity based on such documents and will continue pressing for a meeting to take place to clarify defined rates.

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