Libreville / Port Gentil


Libreville / Port Gentil

Mr Thierry MASSIOT (Capt.)


B.P. 7103


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Phones: + 241 05 32 73 16 / + 225 07 95 97 84
Mobile: + 241 05 32 73 16

Loading Manganese

Manganese can be loaded at berth of by barges at anchorage depending on the shipper. This cargo is sensitive to humidity with a risk of liquefaction during carriage. We can assist and monitor loading for vessel’s safety purpose.  

Strong currents

Currents can be strong in Owendo and special attention must be provided when mooring. 


No attempt should be made by the crew to dispose empty oil drums etc (there are always people proposing such a service) as this could lead to heavy customs fines. 

Our values

  • Skilled teamOur team is trained and dedicated to protect and defend your interests at best.
  • ReactivityWe provide prompt assistance as we know that time is of essence in P&I and H&M matters.
  • Devoted to protect vessel's interestsWe act for the vessel only.

Please contact us, we are happy to assist you!