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You will find each office / country direct contact details by clicking on the corresponding country on the menu.

Our offices can indeed be contacted directly, but in order to avoid any communication problems, we recommend however that our general e-mail address () is always copied in for initial instructions.

For urgent matters, please also call our 24/24 hours tel numbers: +33 6 04 59 33 15 / + 33 4 95 06 11 92


Contact 24h/24 :

Graham ASHLEY Mobile : + 33 (0) 616 962837 A.o.h. : + 33 (0) 442 22 69 12
Alain DALMAS Mobile : + 33 (0) 616 962836 A.o.h. : + 33 (0) 491 59 40 36
Frank BENHAM Mobile : + 33 (0) 616 962849 A.o.h. : + 33 (0) 491 48 23 23
Florence RAYMOND GOURLET Mobile : + 33 (0) 613 780041  A.o.h. : +33 (0) 413 59 99 56
Agathe LE DEM Mobile : + 33 (0) 612 882615
Pierre DE MASSIAC Mobile : +33 (0) 604 593315
Anne-Claude MONIER Mobile : + 33 (0) 616 714058



Legal & operations

Mobile : +33 616 96 28 37
As a partner and director of a P&I correspondent for 20 years where, after initially supervising technical surveys on behalf of P&I Club and Hull and Machinery Underwriter Principals, Graham Ashley became responsible for building up and operating an African network of correspondents’ offices before moving on to create ETIC and its own African network under the name of AFRICAPANDI. Extensive travel and long periods of residence in West and East Africa, as also in the Indian Ocean region, have enabled him to maintain direct links with professionals acting in all these areas and to gain first hand experience of the recurrent problems which exist there.
Mobile : +33 616 96 28 49
After qualifying in France, in-house lawyer with a PhD in Maritime Fraud and a specialist post-graduate degree in Maritime Law, Frank-Patrick Benham spent some time in London before returning to Marseille where he remained for 17 years with a local P&I correspondents’ office as partner. He has wide claims handling experience of North African related matters and fraud cases in West Africa. He also specializes in yachting related claims on the French Riviera and personal injury matters for which he also holds a post-graduate diploma.
Mobile : +33 616 96 28 36
An in-house lawyer with a post-graduate degree in Maritime Law and one in Management. After 7 years as legal manager for a leading French shipowner, Alain Dalmas moved into P&I work as a director and partner of a Marseille based correspondents’ office where he spent 20 years before leaving to create ETIC. In addition to major claims handling and arbitration in France, his main area of activity is in all French ports and in North Africa, where he has travelled widely and has built up a solid network of contacts over the years.
Mobile : +33 613 78 00 41
After qualifying at the law university of Aix-en-Provence, where she obtained a post graduate degree in Maritime Law, Florence Raymond Gourlet spent 6 months in London as trainee in various companies working with the shipping world (solicitors, P&I Club…). She worked for more than seven years as in-house lawyer with a local P&I correspondents’ office and then joined ETIC in October 2005. Her favourite sphere of activities consists in handling cargo claims in France and in North/West Africa, personal injury’s claims, stowaways, recourse actions under ICA…
Agathe LE DEM
Mobile : +33 612 88 26 15
Following a degree in International and European Law at the University of Exeter, Agathe obtained a post-graduate degree in Maritime Law at the University of Aix-en-Provence.
After a first experience in the legal department of AREVA Nuclear Transport, Agathe joined ETIC in 2015 as an in-house lawyer handling operational matters and cargo claims in France and in North/West Africa.
Pierre de Massiac
Mobile : +33 612 88 26 15
After several years within the commercial services of MSC and DB Schenker, Pierre resumed his studies in 2016 and obtained a post-graduate degree in Maritime Law at the University of Aix-en-Provence.
Pierre joined ETIC in 2018 as an in-house lawyer handling operational matters and cargo claims in France and in North/West Africa.

Administrative & operations




Fabienne GAVINO
After 20 years experience in a local P&I correspondents’ office, Fabienne joined ETIC in January 2002 where she is in charge of Personnel, accountancy and logistics. She is well versed in maritime claims handling and in stowaway handling problems. Her role is also one of Correspondents coordinator and liaison manager for the African offices.
Anne-Claude Monier

Mobile : +33 613 78 00 41
After spending some seven years as an assistant dedicated to the  handling of P&I related matters elsewhere, Anne-Claude joined ETIC in April 2008. She is in charge of the African operational matters. She is at the crossroads of all intelligence regarding tallies and cargo surveys. Given the difficult area of intervention, her second name could be patience…
Cécile Vautrelle
After university studies in English then working for several years in catering and restaurant management, Cecile joined the company in 2016 and works as a bilingual administrative assistant dealing with all personal injury claims and with P&I matters.